Episode 33

Published on:

12th Apr 2024


Dragons EXIST. Heroes -- Strikers -- become what they are to fight dragons.

Dragons and serpents are found in mythologies all around the world.

Occasionally, especially in the far east and sometimes in the Americas, dragons are seen as "lucky," protective, or benevolent, and serpents are even harnessed by the forces of righteousness in some Western lore.

However, Dragons are most often seen as the enemies of men and Order.

In the syncretic mythic system of Solar Idealism, Dragons are agents of death and non-differentiation and enemies of Order, led by the nihilistic dragon, Negation.

Referenced in the show:

James Powell's lecture "Dragons are Real"


In this week's show, C. B. Robertson and Jack Donovan do a deep-dive on dragons and magic.

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